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Gallery - Beetles

[dorbettle1]Dor Beetle (Geotrupes stercorarius)

The underside is metallic green or blue.

[gardenchafer1]Garden Chafer (Phyllopertha horticola)

Abundant on light soils.

[groundbeetlelarvae1]Ground Beetle Larvae

Not sure which species these are from

[longhornbeetle3]Longhorn Beetles (Rutpela maculata)

Elytra strongly tapered. Thorax almost bell-shaped. One of several similar species; patern varies but base of each antennal segment always yellow.

[longhornbeetlestranqu1]Longhorn Beetles (Strangalia Quadrifasciata)

Strangalia quadrifaciata is a beautiful beetle found in Europen woods, but is rarely common. The body length rages from 11 -19 mm. There can be quite a lot of variation in width of the yellow bands on the wing cases (elytra).

Adults are most commonly seen on flowers or old wood in July and August.

Larvae feed in old wood of deciduous trees, especially willow.

[blood6]Bloody-nosed Beetle (Timarcha tenebricosa)

Strongly domed and flightless. One of the largest leaf beetles, named for habit of excluding red blood from mouth when alarmed. Feeds on Bedstraws.

[cardinalbeetle1]Cardinal Beetle (Pyrochroa coccinea pyrochroidae)

Rather flat and found on flowers and old tree trunks

[rhagonychafulva1]Rhagonycha fulva

Common species, often called the bloodsucker becouse of its colour, although it is harmless. Pronotum almost square and elytra always black-tipped.

[endomcocc4]Endomychus coccineus

A strikingly coloured beetle, which is often mistaken for a ladybird. It is actually a member of the Endomychidae family, sometimes known as Handsome Fungus Beetles. Found throughout the UK,

[lagriahirta1]Lagria hirta (Tenebrionidae)

Soft-bodied and rather sluggish. Head and thorax black or brown.

[dch5]Devils Coach-Horse (Ocypus olens)

Ground living predator is one of the Rove beetles, with very short elytra.When disturbed, it opens its huge jaws and bends the abdomen forward over the rest of the body in a threatning attitude, It comes out at night to hunt.

[vgb2]Violet Ground Beetle (Carabus violaceus)

A flightless, nocturnal predator of slugs and other small invertebrates. Often found under logs and stones by day.

[chrysolinapolita1]Chrysolina Polita

abundant on mints and other labiates, especially in damp habitats. All year, but dormant in winter.

[cockchafer1]Cockchafer (Melolontha melolontha)

Also called May Bug. Inhabits gardens, woods and hedgerows.

[greentigerbeetle1]Green Tiger Beetle (Cicindela sylvvatica)

Light to dark green and the patterns also varies.

[oedemeranobilis1]Oedemera nobilis

Bright green Beetle, only the male has the swollen legs.

[oilbeetle2]Oil Beetle (Meloe proscarabaeus)

This is a flightless beetle that will emit pungent oily liquid when alarmed.

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