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[wildflowerintro]Introduction to Wild flowers

This Gallery has wild flowers that I have found around the British Isles, with the exception of Orchids, I have split them into flower colours to help find them in the gallery. There is a few escapees but mostly wild plants.

I have used the "Complete British Wild Flowers" book by Paul Sterry, Published by Collins for much of the information but all the Photographs are mine.


In Britain there are 56 native species of orchid, some small and hard to spot such as the Bog orchid and others that are taller and more colourful such as the Green-winged orchid.

They range from those that are found growing throughout most of the British Isles, such as the Common spotted orchid, to those that are rare and only found in a handful of locations, such as the Ghost Orchid.

[sbindweed1]Blue Flowers

This contains all species with light to dark blue or violet-blue flowers

[asparagus1]Green Flowers

This section contains all species with greenish or brownish flowers.

[spearthistle3]Red Flowers

This contains all species with pink to dark red, purple or reddish-violet flowers

[cucfl9]White Flowers

This contains all flowers with white or cream flowers

[oxrag1]Yellow Flowers

This contains all species with light yellow to orange flowers

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