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Gallery - Hairstreaks,

[blackhairstreak2]Black Hairstreak (Satyrium pruni)

Flight generally mid June to late July but often earlier. Likes Mature Blackthorn thickets in sheltered, sunny clearings or at Margins of Mature, deciduous Woodland. Uk areas from around Oxford to Northants.

[More information about Brown Hairstreak][bhair3]Brown Hairstreak (Thecia betulae)

This is a lowland butterfly, prefers open woodland and hedgerows, where it will normally fly high up in the tree tops. Feeds instead on sweet and sticky honey-dew from aphids.

[More information about Green Hairstreak][greenhairstreak7]Green Hairstreak (Callophrys rubi)

A common butterfly found throughout most of Europe and tolerating a wide range of situations, from wet to dry heaths to open woodland up to about 2000m. The caterpillar is green with a darker stripe along the sides.

[More information about Purple Hairstreak][purplehairstreak2]Purple Hairstreak (Quercus quercus)

A woodland butterfly, found in Oak forests throughout most of Europe. The adults are not seen very often becouse they spend most of their time flying high up and around tree tops and do not come down to flowers, feeding instead on sticky honey-dew from aphids.

[whiteletterhairstreak2]White-letter Hairstreak (Strymondia w-album)

It prefers woodland clearings and edges, also small copes wherever elm trees grow

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