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Gallery - More about Bird Migration

[More information about Artic Tern][articternmig1]Artic Tern

The Artic Tern flies more than 70,000 km on its annual migration trip from pole to pole the equivalent of three trips to the moon and back over its lifetime.

The average arrival date for the South of England is 23rd April. Go to the information Icon to link to a great website telling you more about its incredible journey.

[More information about Swallow][sllow1]Swallow

One Swallow doesnt make a summer but its a lift when you see one;o)

Their average date for arrival in this country on the south coast is 29th March,to find out more about this fantastic bird and its travels click on the Blue Icon.

[More information about Spotted Flycatcher][sdfly1]Spotted Flycatcher

The Spotted Flycatcher is a long-distance migrant with birds travelling to sub-Saharan Africa, south of the equator during October-November. Most of this migration takes place during the night.Go to the Blue Icon for more information.

[More information about Whooper Swans][whswans1]Whooper Swans

Whooper Swans who breed in Iceland spend the winter months in the Uk and Ireland.

Go to the Blue Icon to get more information from the WWT about there migration.

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