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Gallery - Crabs

[shorecrab5]Shore Crabs (Carcinus maenas)

The most widespread species of Crab, found in all internal habitats.

[velvetswimmingcrab1]Velvet Swimming Crab (Necora puber)

A very Common crab with a roughly heart shaped shell, Blue markings on the Shell, claws and legs are distinctive.

[maskedcrab1]Masked Crab (Corystes cassvelaunus)

A crab of sandy shores. Its distinctive feature is the long, bristly antennae.

[ediblecrab3]Edible Crab (Cancer pagurus)

Reddish-brown crab which is the largest crab that is likely to be encountered on the shore.

[chermitcrab4]Common Hermit Crab (Pogurus berhardus)

It is not unusual to be peering into a rockpool when what apears to be a dog welk or winkle suddley moves at unexpected speed across the bottom of the pool. Closer exmination reveals that a head and a number of legs are sticking out of an empty shell which has been taken over by the hermit crab

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