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Gallery - Fritillaries

[More information about Silver-washed Fritillary][silverwf2]Silver-washed Fritillary (Argynnis paphia)

This is a fairly common butterfly of open woodland and forest, found throughout Europe except Northan Scandinavia and Southern Spain. In the U.K. it is confined to southern parts of England and Wales and also Ireland. The caterpillars are black with two yellow lines down the back and rows of branched brown spines.

[More information about Silver-washed Fritillary ( Form Valesina )][valesina3]Silver-washed Fritillary ( Form Valesina ) (Argynnis paphia)

A spectacular form of this butterfly, known as valesina, occurs in a small percentage of females, primarily in the larger colonies in the south of England, where the orange-brown colouring is replaced with a deep olive-green. This form is quite distinctive in flight, looking like an overgrown Ringlet, and has the common name of the "Greenish Silver-washed Fritillary".

[More information about Pearl-bordered Fritillary][pearlbfrit2]Pearl-bordered Fritillary (Boloria euphrosyne)

This butterfly prefers open woodland, forest edges,meadows and heaths up to around 2000m.

[More information about Small pearl-bordered Fritillary][smallpbf1]Small pearl-bordered Fritillary (Boloria selene)

It prefers open woodland but also seen in moorland and heaths.

[More information about Marsh Fritillary][marshfrit1]Marsh Fritillary (Eurodryas aurinia)

This butterfly is fairly common throughout most of Europe but is more local in the British Isles. it likes open spaces in both damp and dry conditions such as bogs,moorland and meadows up to around 2200m.

[darkgreenfritillary6]Dark Green Fritillary (Argynnis aglaja)

This butterfly prefers meadows, heaths and open woodland up to around 3000m.

[highbrownfritillary4]High Brown Fritillary (Argynnis adippe)

Very similar to the Dark Green but much rarer, range decreasing all the time.

[heathfrit4]Heath Fritillary (Mellicta athalia)

Very Rare in the UK, likes grassy flowery places, often amongst bushes or in woodland clearings.

[glanvillefrit2]Glanville Fritillary (Melitaea cinxia)

A common Butterfly in most of Europe but only found on the Isle of Wight in the UK

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