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Gallery - Birds of Prey-Harriers

[RSPB amber conservation status][More information about Marsh Harrier][marshharrier6]Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus)

The Marsh Harrier is a Amber list species-Medium conservation concern.

The Marsh Harrier still breeds in some of the larger marshes and river valleys where it hunts small mammals and birds.

[RSPB red conservation status][More information about Hen Harrier][Video clip about Hen Harrier][henharrier6]Hen Harrier (Circus cyaneus)

The Hen Harrier is a Red list species-high conservation concern.

A bird of open, upland country, usually away from human disturbance. often flies low, quatering the ground as it searches for small mammals and birds, Nests on the ground.

[RSPB amber conservation status][More information about Montagus Harrier][Video clip about Montagus Harrier][nopic7]Montagus Harrier (Cirus pygargus)

In most parts of Europe populations of Montagus Harriers have declined this century. They breed in dry fields and meadows and feed on small mammals and birds, In Autumn they migrate to Africa.

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