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Gallery - Shoreline

[barreljellyfish1]Barrel Jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo)

Commonly known as the barrel jellyfish, but also the dustbin-lid jellyfish or the frilly-mouthed jellyfish, it is found in the northeast Atlantic, and in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea. It is also known from the southern Atlantic off the western South African coast and into False Bay.

It is common in the Irish Sea. It typically is up to 40 cm (16 in) in diameter, but can exceptionally reach 90 cm (35 in), making it the largest jellyfish in British waters.

It is a favourite food of the leatherback turtle.

[chermitcrab1]Common Hermit Crab (Pogurus berhardus)

It is not unusual to be peering into a rockpool when what apears to be a dog welk or winkle suddley moves at unexpected speed across the bottom of the pool. Closer exmination reveals that a head and a number of legs are sticking out of an empty shell which has been taken over by the hermit crab

[cuttleb1]Cuttlefish Bone

The Cuttlefish is seldom seen since it lives in deep water but its bones are often washed up on the shore.

[weggc1]Whelk Egg-case

Whelk Egg-cases resembling a bunch of shrivelled grapes often get washed up in storms.

[mermaid1]Mermaids Purse

This is a egg case of a small shark, often called a Dogfish.

[twrack1]Toothed wrack (Fucus serratus)

Sometimes called Saw wrack, grows at bottom of shore where it only has a short exposure to the air each day.

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