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Gallery - Bivalve Sea Shells

[bwshell1]Thick trough Shell (Spisula Solida)

Thick trough Shell

[ccockle3]Prickly Cockle (Acanthocardia echinata)

Prickly Cockle.

[cmuss1]Common Mussel (Mytilus edulis)

Up to 10cm.hinged on front. Brown, blue or black. Attached to rocks and stones by tough, horny threads, usually exposed places where currents bring plenty of food.

[cotters2]Common Otter Shell (Lutraria lutraria)

Up to 14cm. Distincly elliptical. Dirty white to pinkish, with brown outer skin which flakes off in patches. Gapes slightly at each ens. Burrows deeply in sand and mud.

[oysters1]Saddle Oyster (Anomia ephippium)

Saddle Oyster.

[queen3]The Great Scallop or Edible Scallop (Pecten maximus)

Great or Edible Scallop

[razorshell1]Razor Shell (Ensis siliqua)

Up to 20cm. Open both ends. Hinged near one end, with 2 large teeth and dark external ligament. Lives vertically in sand and burrows very quickly.


Found on Dawlish Warren beach

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