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Gallery - Echinoderms

[edibleseaurchin2]Edible sea urchin (Echinus esculentus)

The external skeleton of the edible sea urchin is known as the 'test', the colour of which may vary from pinkish-red to purple, green or yellow.

[seapotato3]Sea Potato (Echinocardium Cordatum)

Also known as the 'Heart Urchin' due to its distinctive shape, this medium-sized sea-urchin is densely covered in fine, beige spines, giving it a hairy appearance. The Sea Potato lives buried in up to 15cm of muddy and sandy sediments from the shore to 200 metres deep.

The familiar, spine-less, pale brown 'test' (shell) of the dead animal is often washed up on the shore. It is recognisable by the heart shape, dull colour and thin, brittle shell. The animal itself is covered in dense spines and yellow-brown in colour.

[cstarfish1]Common Starfish (Asterias rubens)

Up to 30cm across, pale yellow through to red, to violet. Tube-feet with suckers.

[sunstar1]Sunstar (Solaster pappous)

Up to 25cm across, Purple or red with 8-15 arms, tube-feet with suckers.

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