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Gallery - Spiders


Here are some pictures of spiders that I dont know the name of

[waspider1]Wasp Spider (Argiope bruennichi)

This striking spider makes a web with a zig zag band of silk across the middle usually from top to bottom to strenthen it. Rare in Britain and only in the south.

[crabspider1]Crab Spider (misumenda vatia)

Crab spiders are able to change their body colour to match their background. It can take a few days, but they can appear white, yellow or green. They sometimes have two faint red lines running along the abdomen, but these are not always visible. The male is much smaller than the female.

The crab spider sits on flowers waiting for insects to land close by, and then pounces on them - trapping them between their crab-like front legs.

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