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Gallery - Notodontidae

[pussmoth1]Puss Moth (Cerura vinula)

This moth is common almost everywhere in Europe.

[coronet2]Coronet (Craniophora ligustri)

More common in south and west, flight June & July.

[greensilverlines1]Green Silver-lines (Pseudoips fagana)

Likes Beech woods, Flight June & July

[darkarches1]Dark Arches (Apamea monoglypha)

Common, June-august

[snout2]Snout (Hypena proboscidalis)

Forewing very broad, June-October depending how north you are

[More information about Buff-tip][bufftip1]Buff-tip (Phalera bucephala)

Named for the buff wing tips which together with buff thoracic hairs, give the resting moth the appearance of a broken twig.

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