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Gallery - Eggar Moths

[More information about Fox Moth][uc3]Fox Moth (Macrothylacia rubi)

Femail much paler and usualy paler and usualy greyer. Males fly day and night. Heaths, moors, open woodland and hedgerows. Feeds on bramble, heather and other low growing shrubs.

[More information about Lackey][lackey3]Lackey (Malacosoma neustria)

Ranges from pale buff to brick red, woods and hedgerows

[More information about Drinker][drink1]Drinker (Philudoria potatoria)

Prefers damp grassland, moorland and fens up to around 1500m. The name comes from the caterpillars habit of drinking droplets of water.

[More information about Small Eggar][seggar2]Small Eggar (Eriogaster lanestris)

Likes lightly wooded areas and especially in hedgerows. Larvae feed communally on Blackthorn and Hawthorn.

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