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Gallery - Shield bugs

[graphosomaitalicum3]Graphosoma italicum

Bold colour warns of foul taste, Found in southern Europe and Channel Islands were I found these on Jersey

[tortoisebug1]Tortoise Bug (Eurygaster maura)

it mainly feeds on grasses, usually in dry places, dormant in winter

[corizushyoscyami3]Corizus hyoscyami

In sandy areas and feeding on a wide range of plants. Mainly on coastal dunes.

[birchshieldbugs1]Birch Shield Bugs (Elasmostethus interstinctus)

Bright looking bug

[forestbug1]Forest Bug (Pentatoma rufipes)

Distinguished from most Shield bugs by its rather square "Shoulders" and almost rectanglar pronotum.

[gorseshieldbug2]Gorse Shield Bug (Piezodorus lituratus)

The red colour is present only in young adults. After hibernation the insects are yellowish green.Manly on Gorse but sometimes on Broom and other leguminous plants.

[greenshieldbug4]Green Shield Bug (Palomena prasina)

Abundant on trees and shrubs.

[More information about Sloe Bug ][sloebug2]Sloe Bug (Dolycoris baccarum)

Seen on a wide range of herbaceous plants as well as blackthorn and other rosaceous shrubs.

[More information about Troilus luridus][troilusluridus1]Troilus luridus

Troilus luridus is a common shieldbug all over Europe, but never seen in very great numbers.

[unknownshieldbug1]Brassica Bug (Eurydema oleracea)

Normally feeds on wild crucifers but sometimes will attack cultivated brassicas

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