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Bloody hell Si, these are brilliant! You're a clever old bugger on the quiet, aren't you! Some of these are the best photos of their kind that I've seen. They're beautiful. You should be very proud of yourself! xxx

sent at: 04/01/2008 21:20:35

From cat

After viewing your web site, I love the way you layed it out.

You have covered photos that cover the interests of many aspects of photography. From nature, landscapes, points of interest, modern architects, etc. There is something for everyone. Keep up the great photos.

sent at: 05/02/2008 18:04:26

Larry Ouellette from Winsor Ontario Canada

dude u nice photo's I wonder where u got those frm.

nudg nudg wink wink.

from jamie

sent at: 03/03/2008 21:09:27

Thanks jamie for your message, I actually took them and proud of it:o)

Simon has taken photos for us of our business and dogs. We are extremely pleased with the quality and clarity. The images on this web site are of the same high standard and we would highly recommend him. Carry on the good work!!!

Mark and Sue

sent at: 30/03/2008 00:48:46

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