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19 July 2018


Spent a couple of days in Dorset looking for Butterflies, after 3 species. Two I've seen before but not this year, Brown Hairstreak and Chalk Hill Blue, the third is a new one for me a Essex Skipper.

I visited Alners Gorse and Bradbury Rings on Wednesday, stayed overnight in Poole then Corfe Castle and Maiden Castle today. Three of these sites are also historical sites, Iron age Forts surrounded with grassland and wildflowers. I have a big interest in history so these visits are enjoyable on many levels.

At Alners Gorse I saw a Brown Hairstreak among many other Butterflies but unfortunately it wouldn't settle until it went to the top of the tree. At Bradbury rings it took me some time to find a Chalkhill Blue but then like busses there was three!!

Corfe was quiet but the ground was burnt brown from the sun and very few flowers let alone Butterflies, Maiden Castle was full on the other hand of Butterflies especially Marbled Whites, also Skippers, it took some patience but found a couple of Essex Skippers which was great, trying to find ones with black antennae's was interesting, frustrating and funny in a perverse sort of way. Must have looked funny for anybody watching??

One of the Essex Skippers had Red Mites which didn't look to good, sadly the pic was too over exposed but you can see the mites.

Saw lots of other Butterflies with Large and Small Skippers, Large and Small White, Common Blue, Marbled White, Peacock, Red and White Admiral, Silver Washed Fritillary, Purple Hairstreak, Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Small Copper and Brown Argos.

Met so many nice people on my travels but also met a couple of "Experts" who where a couple of Twats! I've met these types before as Iam sure we all have, you get them in every walk of life, you seem to get more in Bird Watching but no matter what you have done they have done more, seen more and are perfect in very way, in the old days I used to argue but now I just role my eyes! as did a few others at Alners while looking for Brown Hairstreak, funny really!

Finishing on a positive note that's 48 species of Butterflies so far this year.

15 July 2018

Lyme Bay Boat Trip

Had a excellent trip out on the boat with the rest of the group, the "Optimist" as always skippered by Nigel l. and the trip organised by Nigel S.

We went straight out and looking for a Basking Shark which had been seen in the bay but unfortunately not by us today, we did though see several pods of Harbour Porpoise, 11 animals seen in total. On the way back in we saw a pod of 25 adult Common Dolphin plus at least 3 Calves, several breaching as they chased fish across the bay.

We got about 6 miles out and we chummed for about a hour and at one point had over 200 birds at the back of the boat, these where Herring, Black-headed, Mediterranean, Great and Lesser-black Backed Gulls, there was Gulls of all ages. Also Kittiwake, Fulmar and Gannets.

We also saw 20+ sightings of Manx Shearwaters but these might have been repeated as they could have been flying around the boat.

Also saw a Razor Bill and several Guillemots.

While we was chumming we saw several Jelly Fish, Moon and Compass close to the boat and Purple Jelly Fish in the harbour.

Great trip out in glorious conditions except for the smell of the chum-awful!!! Nigel had some grim stuff in the bucket today, no wonder he was well suited up today!

14 July 2018

out and about

Not really done much this last fortnight in the way of bird watching or chasing Butterflies and other stuff.

Meeting friends, job Interview and a planned day in Hospital has taken a higher priority.

Did have my camera with me most of the time if not used, did go into Goosemoor to see the Summer Plumaged Spotted Redshank and caught a glimpse of the Snow Goose at Powderham Marshes, which I presume is a Escapee?

I have got myself a new camera which is a Nikon D500 which I have put onto my large lens and my old camera for the close ups, insects etc.

Haven't really tested it yet and lots to learn on it.

01 July 2018

Green-eyed Flower Bee

While walking around Dawlish Warren I saw this little treasure, a Green-eyed Flower Bee, I've seen so many bees this summer while looking for Butterflies and not paid enough attention to what's about. But this Bee with its green eyes stood out.

Its an area I want to look into when I get a new Camera.

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