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28 April 2020

No 10

Got another Butterfly Species to add to the list, no 10 Small Copper seen at Dawlish Warren.

While I haven't seen anymore Swifts, i have seen a few House Martins around the housing estate next to Sainsburys.

While at Dawlish Warren a few Warblers in full song, thought there was both Reed and Sedge Warbler. Unfortunately my hearing is not as finally tuned as it used to be.

Stay Safe everybody!

23 April 2020

New Migrants

On my walks around Dawlish and to the Warren along the Sea Front have seen a slow trickle of Migrants.

Sadly no extra Butterflies to report, but Whitethroat, Whimbrel, Swallow and Swift have been great to see, interesting haven't seen a House Martins yet?

Seen a few baby birds about, mainly Blackbirds with the odd Robin, not forgetting the 6 new Black Swan Cygnets on the Brook at Dawlish.

Work continues to be busy, looks like iam working on some type of shift for the next 5 days.

Stay safe out there and see you on the other side!

09 April 2020

Out walking

Been out for my exercise a few times and also after shift de-stressing, ive been using the sea wall a few times along to Coryton Cove and a couple of walks to Dawlish Warren turning around at the main pond.

Seen a lot of what you would expect, impressed by the numbers of Linnets along the railway line, especially around Red Rock, seen a few Swallows, Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs and all the other birds you would expect to see.

Did see a few Raptors, couple of Kestrels, Female Sparrowhawk and 2 Red Kite flew over the car park at Dawlish Warren.

Seen loads of Bumble Bees and several Butterflies although nothing would sit for a picture, 4 new species for the year, Holly Blue, orange Tip, Speckled Wood and Green-veined White, taking up to 9, but with all the restrictions on travel I dont think I will get anywhere near my target, but fighting the virus is far more important!

Stay Safe everybody!

05 April 2020

Sea Wall

Been doing a few shifts this last week and on my 3rd new rota for next week due to staff issues in these troubling times. Have been finishing a shift at 6pm after a 10 hour stint which is in doors supporting the guys I look after. Needing a de-stressing walk I walk to Coryton Cove from my flat which passes the construction of the new sea wall.

They have put the 7 of the top part so far, this is the wave curl part of the wall and it looks higher than I was expecting, although you can see over the wall from the train and they have to raise the path quite a bit so you should be able to look over it when you are walking along the wall.

Stay safe everybody

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