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14 December 2014

Torbay Boat Trip

Went on a boat trip again around Torbay with Nigel Smallbones, not so many on this trip, all saving up for xmas?

The weather was better than expected, although there was some showers which didn't really effect the morning. We did a circuit from The marina out past Thatcher Rock, on to the Ore stone then across the bay to Berry Head then back via Brixham harbour, Broadsands and following the coast.

We only saw 1 Red Throated Diver and 1 Great Northern Diver but plenty of other birds.

Several Great Crested Grebes, 3 Common Scoters, 1000+ Guillemots, Gannets, plenty of Cormorants and Shags.

12 Purple Sandpipers and several Turnstones at Brixham and the pair of Peregrines where at their normal roost and one of them flew past the boat which was just great.

We went out and joined a trawler who was pulling in his catch and there was 200+ Gulls, Great Black-backed, Herring and the od Black-headed Gull.

We also a couple of Porpoise off Berry Head, also off Berry was lots of Auks in "Rafts" and Gannets diving in for food.

We also saw Oystercatchers, Grey Herons, Kittiwakes and Fulmars.

All finished off with a nice Bacon sarnie from a local café when I got ashore so Iam a happy chappie ;o)

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